Thursday, 17 May 2012

Quest for long, thick, princess hair.

So it's best to start with a bit of background I think (Sorry this post is going to be extremely long, like I wish my hair to be, oh the joys). When I was about 15 I had luscious long thick hair and when I say long, I mean it was literally down to my waist. Although it was coloured, I only used to have half a head of foils and so the hair wasn't too damaged from bleach however I know I used to straighten my hair everyday though I did use a heat protecting products due to straighteners at the time being awful for your hair, they weren't even ceramic coated I don't think ! Anyway I then went through a mad phase and decided to cut my hair off into a Sarah Harding/Victoria Beckham style pob, oh how much I regret this now !!

After the haircut which I did love at the time I decided I was bored of it and wished to grow it out, surprise surprise. But after 8months - 1 year of trying I realised this quest wasn't quite as easy as it first seemed. So when I was 17 I decided to give up the bleach and reach for the brown hair dye (well my hairdresser did) to give my hair a rest and allow it to grow before returning to my blonde locks.

Now this really did help my hair out as before it was being bleached every 2 months and I managed to stay brown for just under 2 years before longing for my blonde hair back as being a natural blonde meant that my roots needed to be done regularly as a brunette as otherwise it just looked as if I was balding, never a good look I'll tell you that for free.

So just over a year ago now was when I reached for the bleach again and although my hair whilst brown had grown a reasonable amount the bleach has once again damaged my ends, however I am now at the colour I wish to be and therefore when I do go the hairdressers all I need touching up is my roots which means my quest for long, thick, princess hair is good to go!
So as the opportunity has finally (about time) arisen it was the perfect time to get all the gross, thin, dead ends off as the damage had made my hair become finer and start from fresh.

So two weeks ago I had about 1-2 inches off my hair and my roots touched up and my hair now looks healthy but in my personal opinion not as thick and long as I would like it to be, hence this quest. I only wish my hair to be about 3 inches longer which isn't a major amount but at the rate my hair seems to grow this could take a very long time, so after much research I have invested in some products and knowledge which should help my hair stay healthier and fasten up this process ever so slightly, helping my dream hair become a reality, yay.

So I took a trip to boots to first of all get some vitamin supplements which will help my hair to stay healthy, strong and help the hair itself thicken up.

Folic Acid - yes I know this may originally seem a peculiar choice as it is a vitamin aimed at pregnant women to help their baby develop healthy and correctly, but it also helps growth systems within the body including enabling hair to stay strong and at it's optimum condition meaning that this should allow hair to grow at it's greatest potential.

Vitamin B Complex - this is a vitamin which helps your bodies energy levels. Not just within yourself but also the vitamin Biotin helps the energy levels of healing such as bruises, nail growth and hair growth.

Seven Seas Radiant You Health Oils - these help to maintain strong nails, hair and skin which is important for the growth of your hair as it allows you to visit the hairdressers less often, as the ends shouldn't need taking off quite so often.

Alongside these vitamins which I take once a day with water it is important to drink your daily recommended fluid amount. This is something I discovered whilst researching the products, some of the vitamins can disrupt the skin and therefore ensuring you drink your 2 litres a day is essential. Not only will this ensure your skin doesn't get disrupted but also it will help run your body naturally.
I have a 1.5 litre bottle which I keep in the fridge as it ensures that I am drinking the correct amount (along with 3 cups of tea a day making up for the other 0.5 litres of my RDA).

Now alongside the vitamins I have also invested in some other products, alongside my usual shampoo of choice (at the moment anyway) of Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends shampoo and conditioner I have purchased RedKen Hair Cleansing Cream shampoo which I used once a week . This shampoo restores the natural PH balance of your hair and gets rid of any build up from products used within the hair, such as hairspray, heat protectors, excessive conditioners and products such as wave sprays etc.
Now I wash my hair every other day to ensure that my natural hair oils also do not get washed away everyday, and these are important for the healthiness of your hair.

Alongside the RedKen I also used my hair mask of choice, Umberto Giannini's Spa Rituals Moisture Replenishing hair mask once a week to restore, as in the name, any lost moisture to my hair, ensuring the ends aren't dry and brittle.

I have also refrained from using heat on my hair. This was actually not as hard as I thought it may possibly be and I prefer to let my hair dry naturally anyway and I used to use straighteners on my 'bangs' and also to neaten up any flyaways, however I have learnt to embrace my natural messy waves and now tend to only use straighteners on a Friday when I hit the town, and I am sure to use my Umberto Giannini Sleek & Chic hair protecting mist.

Also just a quick one, SHOWER COMBS ARE A MUST! If you use a brush after washing your hair you tend to pull hairs out that are perfectly healthy due to the wet hair needing more love so to say, so investing in one of these should ensure thickness of your hair. Mine was £1.79 from Superdrug.

So I have been using these vitamins, products etc for just 2 weeks at the moment but I will keep you updated with this routine and express my feelings of whether the products I have used have helped my hair at all in any way and also give a hair length update!

Have you ever used any of these products or others to help your hair stay healthy? Or will you be trying any of these products?

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