Wednesday, 25 January 2012

I've been ill :(

I'm sorry I haven't posted for a couple of days, I've had conjunctivitis, so been staying in bed and being lazy but thankfully i'm nearly almost better.
It sucks not being able to put eye make-up on though, had to reply on lipstick to detract attention from their redness !

This is just a post to update with a couple of outfits I have worn, and the most gorgeous watch I have bought !!!
I've wanted a white watch for aggggggges, and completely fell in love with this, I can tell it's not going to come off my wrist for a VERY long time !!!!!
It's from River Island, and was only £25 !


  • striped top, Primark
  • High waist denim shorts, Levi Strauss
  • Black tights, Primark
  • Over the knee socks, Tesco
  • Eye ring, Topshop
  • Gold ring, House of Harlow 1960

  • Leather jacket with fur collar, Topshop
  • Black body, New Look
  • Floral skirt, River Island
  • Black chain bag, New Look
  • Black tights, Primark
  • Skull scarf, Primark
  • Feather headband, Primark
  • Studded loafers, eBay (amazing copy of the topshop ones)
Lipstick: Signature Red, Rimmel

Have a fabulous day xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Revlon Pinch Me & More Rimmel Lipstick !

So today after an average day at uni me and my flatmate were bored so decided to take a trip which ended up in me buying more make up products I do not need!!

In addition to yesterday I bought some new lipsticks, Rimmel as usual, I just love the way they smell although I do also love a Barry M lipstick !!

I decided to be brave and buy Coral in Gold 210 which is a lipstick i've always had my eye on but have been nervous to try due to how orangey it looks, however I went for it and I also bought Signature Red 175 which is the perfect everyday red, muted compared to my favourite red of all time Red Hot 168 and i'm also in love with the gorgeous pillarbox red from the £1 Superdrug brand MUA which is gorgeous for a cheaper product.
Here are some swatches of the Rimmel colours! Beautiful aren't they !

I also purchased 3 shades of Revlon's Pinch Me, which is a sheer gel blush. I only tend to wear blusher to contour, apart from pale pinks which I sometimes wear on the apples of my cheeks, so for sheer colours I thought I'd give them a try.
I got them in Peach Afterglow 305, Plum Flushed 315 and Playful Pink 300.
I attempted to swatch them but the colour wouldn't show properly due to them being such a sheer product, but I reckon with a couple of thin layers you could really build up colour.
The only problem I found when I applied the Playful Pink to the apples of my cheeks was that the formula made my foundation run, so I reapplied my powder, and this gave me a lovely finish !!
Revlon Pinch Me Sheer Gel Blush Colour: 300 Playful Pink

Now i'm off to paint my toenails in Collection 2000 Hot Looks in Shamless 24, before putting off my uni work for another day, terrible student me !

Loves xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Headbands & Lipsticks

Heyy, so today I didn't have to get up bright and early for uni so decided to take my time getting ready !
I even took the time to put some false eyelashes on !!

With my hair I thought i'd attempt to re-create a hippy look, but I am too much of a wimp to actually go outside with my hair like this, not entirely sure why, I just am.
So to do this I simply straightened the front bits of my hair and some bits around my head (cause my hairs kinda wavy naturally), then I took three sections from the top and teased it backwards before smoothing it out with a comb.
After doing that I clipped my two front sections of hair off my face using bobbypins, and finished by putting on the feather headband which is from Primark, I think it looks so cute, and I defo will be actually wearing my hair like this during summer, need to get more confidence ! hahaa

Anyway as well as my hurr, I also went into town and bought two gorgeous rimmel lipsticks,
one is a gorgeous everyday pink which is nude enough if you don't want people to know your wearing make-up but just pink enough to set your whole make up look off, and that is Pink Corest 008! Stunning.

And the second one I got I was unsure about whether it would suit me, but after looking at plenty of other colours I went for it, and it's True Vintage 123! I got home and put it straight on and I've got to say it's a stand-out colour that doesn't stand-out which makes no sense at all, but I am absolutely smitten with it!! (Wing earrings from New Look).

So that has been my day so far, got to do uni work now which is not fun at all, but hey i've had a lovelyyyyy day.
P.s. my eyelashes are primarks finest £1, love love love them. And my pale orange top is from Urban outfitters with a black Tesco vest underneath!

PEACE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

U.N.I OOTD and my new favourite make-up products !

Heyy, been ultra busy recently with essays and exams, but now I have plenty of free time to do whatever I wish, so here I am doing a blog post.

Ill start with some fabulous things I have bought recently, in the form of make-up of course !!
I bought the Sleek brow kit I have been after for months and finally got round to buying it, I bought it in the Light #817 and don't think i'll ever go back to just using my Rimmel pencil.
The wax and powder combination means it stays on all day and gives such a clean neat look to my eyebrows, simply in love and at £7.99 who can blame me!
I also looked at the other products from Sleek, seen as they are rather cheap for such good quality items, and this tinted lip conditioner caught my eye. It is called Pout Polish and it contains SPF which is fab, and it comes in the most gorgeous of colours, I was in a toss-up between the Powder Pink, Raspberry Rhapsody and Peach Perfection.
After much umming and aarring I went for the peach and I again am in love, it gives just enough coverage for a slight colour to the lips ! Gorgeous and it's such a big tub for less than £5 I was well impressed.
After looking around all the different make-up sections I decided I wanted to treat myself to a new lipstick (I am a bit lipstick mental at the moment) and was more than happy when I found this lipstick which is my new fave of all time. Bubblegum number 6 of Collection 2000 is my favourite pink lipstick EVER. I don't think I will ever not own it, especially cause it's only £2.99 and stays on for so long, I was so shocked when it stayed on for nearly the whole day of uni I had 10-4 !! This is me trying to show you the colour but I am only using a silly webcam, so I apologise for the crap quality.

In terms of my outfit today I was wearing;
  • Red checkered shirt, Topshop
  • Black leggings, New Look
  • Skull scarf, Primark
  • Denim jacket with fur lining, Topshop
  • Peace bracelet, Topshop
  • Jesus bracelet, Ibiza
  • String beaded bracelet, from my daddy from Hong Kong
  • Skull ring, Primark
  • Red studded diamond earrings, Avon
  • Curved gold earstud, eBay

As you can see I tossed my hair up into a topknot because I had to get ready in 20mins this morning, which was crazy I actually managed it, and in case you were wondering my nail varnish is Barry M in Blue Moon, gorgeous gorgeous colour !!

Hope you have a lovely day chickens xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 5 January 2012

It's all about half-moon nails and knee-high socks

Hello there !

So I've been a busy bee, I've had 3 essays to complete, a book to read (The Castle of Otranto, if you were wondering) and revision to do for my exam on Monday!

However, there is ALWAYS time to paint my nails, as nails are my favourite thing ever, I can't remember the last time they actually didn't have nail polish on them!!

I recently watched a couple of tutorials on half-moon nails which I have ALWAYS wanted to be able to do ever since I saw them on the WAH nails site, and I gave it a go but don't have the right equipment yet, gonna get it this week when I'm back in Liverpool, and then I'll maybe do a tutorial if any of you are interested? Let me know!

Anywayy, I had to use nail tip markers instead of hole reinforcements, and this is the result I got !

Are we lovin'??
I used Barry M Raspberry and Foil Effects in Gold.

I also have been browsing blogs, and was inspired by 'Native Fox' and her use of knee-high socks, so when I was in Tesco the other day I decided to try them out for myself and bought some !

This is my OOTD trying to incorporate them !!
P.s. I am very much aware one sock is higher than the other, hahaha silly me !

  • Cardigan, Marks & Spencers
  • Top, Topshop
  • Shorts, Levi Strauss (from eBay)
  • Knee-high socks, Tesco
  • Gold studded suede boots, Dorothy Perkins
  • Necklace, Asos
  • Ring, New Look
  • Bag, New Look (by the drawers)
Gorgeous ring I bought from New Look last year, love the colour !!
I was also wearing this necklace, you couldn't see it on the picture before, it's gorgeous with a black tassel and is from Muse !

Hope you're all having a lovely day !xxx

Monday, 2 January 2012

First working day of the year !

So today, as I am not hungover/too tired to do anything I ventured with my mum into town as she wanted to pick up her new specs!!
As we were up town I had a browse around the shops, as I am dying for a new going out bag, but just can't seem to find the perfect sized one anywhere, they're all way too big.

This is my OOTD, even though i'm sat here in sweats about to do my uni work !
  • Topshop leather jacket with fur collar, £59
  • Miss Selfridge skull scarf, £14.99
  • lion top, £9.99
  • wine leggings, £5.99
  • Asos cross ring, £4
Then I was also wearing (that you cannot see):
  • Dr Martens white patent boots, £75
  • Tiffany's necklace from best friend!!
  • Dorothy Perkins spiked hoop earrings, £5
Had a fabulous day, gonna get to my uni work now as there is so much to be done, and I have an exam a week today, aaaaaaah !!


Sunday, 1 January 2012

NYE outfit!

NYE was such a great night !!
My outfit I decided upon in the end was;
  • H&M Blouse, £14.99
  • Levi High-Waisted Shorts, £14 (from ebay)
  • New Look Belt, (came with dress)
  • New Look Leopard print Tights, £4.99
  • Matalan Snakeskin Shoes, £14
  • Asos Cross Ring, £4
  • Asos Cross Bracelet, £4
  • Muse Studded Bracelet (one gold, one gunmetal), £2 each
  • Dorothy Perkins Spiked Hoop Earrings, £4
  • Topshop Eye Ring, £5
  • Tiffany's Necklace off the best friend <3 !!
I had such a good night, and brought in the New Year the only way I could with my best friend ever!!
Here's a few snaps from the night :)!!
Also my lipstick is Maybelline Material Girl in 802A !

Bring on 2012! Happy New Year everyone, let's make it a good'un!