Saturday, 24 March 2012


This is Bob and Fifi, they are tortoises.
Unfortunately they are not mine, we are just looking after them for my Aunty as she has gone on holiday for a couple of weeks, though it was a lovely surprise to come home, not only have I been greeted by these two gorgeous creatures but also two massive tanks of fish (again my Aunty's)!

LOVELY! enjoy xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, 23 March 2012

Maxi Skirt = Summer Days

Bought this gorgeous maxi skirt the other day and yesterday was the perfect day to wear it with the sun shining!!
  • Maxi skirt, New Look
  • Cranberry vest top, H&M
  • Black belt, New Look
  • Jelly flip flops with diamond, Ella
  • Gold chain necklace, Dorothy Perkins
  • Wooden cross earrings, Topshop
  • Hot looks nail varnish in Hip Hop, Collection 2000

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Album of the Week: Gotye - Making Mirrors

So I downloaded this the other week and haven't really had chance to listen to it properly, and I still haven't really apart from around 4 listens of the whole album, however I have thoroughly enjoyed doing so!

It's such a good album for when you really need calm, relaxed music. I have mostly listened to it in the morning when I don't want anything too crazy going on whilst I'm getting ready to go to uni.

The album is very similar in sound to the debut single 'Somebody That I Used To Know', soothing songs with a bit of a kick to them, or so to say haha !

I recommend this album to anyone who likes easy listening music that can quite easily be sung along to, definately a good summer album as well !!

Favourite song - Smoke and Mirrors
Least favourite song - Making Mirrors (Though I guess it is kind of the introduction)
Rating - 4/5 !

Friday, 16 March 2012

All Things Topshop

Okay so not EVERYTHING i'm wearing is Topshop, and thank god, I wouldn't want to be the ultimate 'Topshop princess' but let's be honest Topshop has some great stock in at the moment and I couldn't resist buying a few key pieces that will all go together nicely.

  • Vest top, Topshop
  • Jeans, Topshop
  • Shoes, H&M
  • Necklace, Dorothy Perkins
  • Cross earrings, Topshop
  • Beaded bracelet, from Daddy from China
  • Jesus bracelet, Ibiza
  • Purple peace bracelet, HedKandi
  • Beaded peace bracelet, Topshop
  • Blue ring, Dorothy Perkins
  • Red and beige plastic rings, Primark
  • Gold band, sentimental piece given to me by my Mummy, it never ever ever comes off my finger !
Have you found any gems in Topshop recently?

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Album of the Week: The Saturdays - On Your Radar

I am aware this album has been out for quite some time, but with the weather attempting a pick-me-up and the fact that I haven't properly listened to it yet I thought it needed a chance.

This was however entirely my itunes fault as I have 'automatically add songs to fill space' set up on my ipod and this is what it filled some space with.

I have been a fan of The Saturdays ever since they came onto the scene and their other albums are one of my personal go-to's when I want a sing song (sometimes an angry one) or even to belt some notes out, but when this album came out I must admit originally I was a little disappointed.

As it was on my ipod I decided to give it a proper listen and was actually rather impressed. Although many of the tunes seem as though they have been 'danced up' so that they can be transferred easily into clubs and bars there are also some gorgeous ballads.

I reckon if you are a fan of a good boogie, and a fabulous girl band, as well as a good sing-a-long this is definitely one for the summer months! Whenever I get a car (hopefully soon) I will be sure to be blasting some of these songs out !!

Favourite song - Get Ready, Get Set
Least favourite song - I Say OK
Rating - 3.5/5

Monday, 12 March 2012

Dipped Hem Skirt + Rimmel True Vintage Lipstick

So I bought myself this gorgeous turquoise-y blue dipped hem chiffon skirt from Primark, it was only £10 and I've been looking for one for a couple of weeks now, I wanted nude but this colour really caught my eye.

Now when I first tried it on, I was unsure if it suited me due to being a mere 5ft2" !

What are your thoughts? I have kept the price tag on, in case I do decide to take it back!!

I also thought I hadn't posted any lipstick shots in a while, this is Rimmel True Vintage and I love it, it's a really deep red-purple shade, which I think looks gorgeous!

It's definitely a winter shade, so due to the weather being grim today I decided it was the right type of weather to rock it before all the pastels come out in the spring/summer!

What are your favourite dark lipsticks?
Hope you're all having a lovely day xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Weekend Back at Home

So this weekend I travelled back home for a few cheeky cocktails with my bestie and to have pretend mothers day, as next Sunday I will be hungover (it's Paddy's day on the 17th) and also Stoke are playing Liverpool so I wish to watch that with my hangover ! hahaha!

So this weekend, we hit Newcastle(under Lyme) town and this is us - posers much haha.

I am wearing;
  • Black slit back top, New Look
  • Leggings, Topshop
  • Black platform shoes, New Look
  • Feather earrings, Dorothy Perkins
  • Spiked necklace, Dorothy Perkins
Now, I am unsure of Sarah's outfit, but I do know that her dipped hem maxi is from !!

I had a really good night, and just thought I'd do a post cause I haven't for agggggessss!!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

KONY 2012

I saw this video today and it really got to me, if everyone could help to make Kony famous it literally could save the world.
On this website you can purchase a Kony 2012 Action Kit containing posters, bracelets and a t-shirt to help raise awareness of this criminal in Uganda.

Please just watch this video and consider donating money to help thousands of invisible children, they do not deserve the life they have been born into, they deserve a life they should be proud of.
Thank you.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Album of the Week - XX Twenty Years Ministry of Sound

Firstly I would like to apologise for being so terrible at blogging this week, I have and am still extremely busy with deadlines for uni and I've been home to see my family and all other things.

So as I haven't had time to take any pictures I've decided to add something to my blog, this being ALBUM OF THE WEEK.
Now i'm not saying this is going to be a weekly thing forever, but hey I will try my best.

As the sun has been shining I found myself craving some holiday tunes to put me in the mood as well as put me in a happy one, and this album is absolutely perfect.

There are 4 different sections (of which should be listened to all the way through);

Rulin' - which is classed as a 'soulful journey through the biggest house tracks' including the likes of Ultra Nate, Spiller and Armand Van Helden.

Trance Nation - to 'get the hands in the air' including tracks by Faithless, Darude and Paul Van Dyk.

Smoove - this is all about 'Rip Groove' with the likes of Robin S. and Tina Moore.

And my personal fave Chillout Session - this is great for some downtime, whether in my case it's doing an essay or simply wanting to chill out on the beach, in the garden or in bed, a mix of Mylo, Jose Gonzalez and Example makes it one to beat !

Overall, this album has been extremely overplayed this week, I can't help but put it on for easy listening and the occasional cheeky dance!

Do you like Ministry of Sound albums? What are your thoughts?