Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Album of the Week: Gotye - Making Mirrors

So I downloaded this the other week and haven't really had chance to listen to it properly, and I still haven't really apart from around 4 listens of the whole album, however I have thoroughly enjoyed doing so!

It's such a good album for when you really need calm, relaxed music. I have mostly listened to it in the morning when I don't want anything too crazy going on whilst I'm getting ready to go to uni.

The album is very similar in sound to the debut single 'Somebody That I Used To Know', soothing songs with a bit of a kick to them, or so to say haha !

I recommend this album to anyone who likes easy listening music that can quite easily be sung along to, definately a good summer album as well !!

Favourite song - Smoke and Mirrors
Least favourite song - Making Mirrors (Though I guess it is kind of the introduction)
Rating - 4/5 !

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