Monday, 12 March 2012

Dipped Hem Skirt + Rimmel True Vintage Lipstick

So I bought myself this gorgeous turquoise-y blue dipped hem chiffon skirt from Primark, it was only £10 and I've been looking for one for a couple of weeks now, I wanted nude but this colour really caught my eye.

Now when I first tried it on, I was unsure if it suited me due to being a mere 5ft2" !

What are your thoughts? I have kept the price tag on, in case I do decide to take it back!!

I also thought I hadn't posted any lipstick shots in a while, this is Rimmel True Vintage and I love it, it's a really deep red-purple shade, which I think looks gorgeous!

It's definitely a winter shade, so due to the weather being grim today I decided it was the right type of weather to rock it before all the pastels come out in the spring/summer!

What are your favourite dark lipsticks?
Hope you're all having a lovely day xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. love skirts and dresses in this style they are so nice!
    mantenso xx

  2. Love the shape of this skirt! I've recently started wearing skirts like this and I love swishing about in em! Now following! x