Wednesday, 29 February 2012

MUA Nectar Shade 16 - Lipstick Review

So today I put this lipstick on, as I've had it a few weeks now but haven't really tried it out.
Today when I glided it on I realised what a gorgeous colour it is, especially for a £1 lipstick so decided it would be great to review it for all of you.

MUA is a bargain beauty brand from Superdrug and most products are priced at just £1, like this lipstick.
I am a fan of their products, although some are really representative of their £1 price tag, others are good in quality and stand up there with lines such as Barry M and Rimmel.

This lipstick is called Nectar and in bullet form it looks like a dark peach colour, however when swatched or put onto the lips it comes out as a sheer orange which feel moisturising and it easily buildable for a more pigmented finish.

Due to the sheerness it has a glossy finish which means you wouldn't need to put lip gloss or balm over the top of the lipstick, though I would ensure that your lips are well moisturised before application as many MUA lipsticks, whether matt or gloss finish tend to cling to any dry patches on your lips.

Overall I think this is a gorgeous summer colour and would look FAB with a tan, thumbs up to MUA for creating another gorgeous lipstick with a small price tag.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Sleek Divine eyeshadow palette in Oh So Special 658 - Review

Sleek is fast becoming one of my favourite make up brands, the products just seem to stand out in their gorgeous chic black packaging and the quality for the price is amazing!!

When I saw this eyeshadow palette I couldn't help but purchase it, I am a big fan of neutral colours, and also enjoy a brown smoky eye, perfect!!!

From left to right:
Top:- Bow, Organza, Ribbon, Gift Basket, Glitz, Celebrate
Bottom:- Pamper, Gateau, The Mail, Boxed, Wrapped Up, Noir

As you can see the colours are pigmented well and the variation of matte and shimmery colours means you could go from day to night to dramatic in a matter of seconds!! Swatches for you below :)

Overall it's a great buy, for those who like to stay neutral and those who love to be dramatic, there really is a shade for everyone !
Available from Superdrug for £6.49, go get yours now !!

Have you ever tried any of the Sleek eyeshadow palettes?

Beckham Signature Women - Review

'Signature Women by Victoria Beckham is a fruity, 'floriental' fragrance, full of seduction. The signature opening accord is candy apple and anise flower, while the fruity floral heart is vanilla orchid flower and heliotrope. The sensual and sophisticated base is patchouli, amber and musk.'

The university bursary is in and I kept telling myself that I would purchase a new perfume with it. I didn't want to spend too much money and I wanted a perfume that wasn't too overpowering so it could be worn day or night.

I initially smelt this perfume in Boots around Christmas time and loved it, but didn't want to part with £30, however when I found the 75ml version in TJ Hughes for £9.99 I jumped at the offer !!

Like described the fragrance is 'floriental', similar to my D&G 10 La Roue De La Fortune which is always a re-purchase ! The start smell is floral however after 10 minutes, once it has settled on the skin, it takes on a lovely vanilla musk fruity smell, which lasts for hours !!

Overall I couldn't recommend this enough, especially for £9.99 for 75ml and the packaging is simple chic!!
It's gorgeous and it's fast becoming a new favourite of mine, and I am going to be wearing it on a night out this coming week!!

Have you tried any other Beckham perfumes? What do you think?

Friday, 24 February 2012

Maybelline Moisture Extreme in Windsor Rose A60 - Review

After seeing the review for this on The Sunday Girl blog (link) I decided it was the perfect pink beige colour which I just needed to add to my collection !!

The packaging of the lipstick is pretty sturdy and I see no reason as to why the lid would pop off if it was in your bag, also the red doesn't look too cheap, however Maybelline isn't present upon the casing apart from on the bottom label.

The lipstick is a gorgeous creamy consistency which glides perfectly onto the lips.
The scent of the product is a slight watermelon smell, however this does not seem to transfer onto the lips.

Overall, I think this is a gorgeous pink-beige which would go with any skintone, and for the bargain price of £1.99 from eBay (link) you just can't go wrong !!

Have you ever tried a Maybelline extreme moisture lipstick? Are there any other shades you would recommend?

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

MUA Nail Polish Shade 24 Review

The other day I decided there was a colour I did not own in my ever-growing nail collection, and that colour was a lilac.
Now I have always wanted Berry Ice Cream from Barry M, but I only buy Barry M when it's on 2 for £5 and I don't currently have £5 to spend on a couple of nail varnishs so I decided to have a look into my favourite cheap brand of MUA.
As a brand where most products are £1, if it's rubbish quality, well it was only a pound is my thinking.

So I went to Superdrug and found the colour I was looking for, Shade 24, a lovely lilac looking polish.
The colour is absolutely gorgeous, and so far I have only been wearing it since yesterday but I have been out last night (drinking, oops) and usually any nail polish I wear chips but this one has stayed completely intact so the wear (so far) seems pretty good !

The only complaint I would make it the consistency of the product, when applying I found it hard to get a good amount of polish onto the brush and it went on quite sticky and I didn't find it easy to spread across the nail, however, I may have just got a bad bottle who knows?

Overall, for £1 I think this is a pretty good nail varnish, the first of MUA I have had and I am not disappointed!
What do you think? Would you recommend any other shades?

Friday, 17 February 2012

MUA Bare (Shade 14) lipstick review + OOTD

So MUA is one of my personal favourites for cheap make-up that has quality!
When I saw they had a new shade along with giving their lipsticks names and not just numbers (which is great) I couldn't resist, especially with it being called Bare, and I love love love nude shades recently.

The coverage of this lipstick isn't the best after one coat, but after a couple of coats it really shows the amazing shade it can reach and would be a perfect shade for most skin tones.

The smell of the product isn't unpleasant but it doesn't really smell of anything familiar either.
Overall I am rather taken with this product, I tend to wear it often within the daytime and can see myself having to purchase another in a few months time considering it's only £1 I feel I can use it as often as I wish !

The lasting power of this lipstick is also good, as a slightly matte finishing product it gives around 3 hours coverage before needing to be reapplied !!
Personally, I would recommend everyone to get this beauty :)
What do you think?

In terms of my outfit today, it was nothing special, I decided to be a tad gothic and went for all black!!
Sorry for the blurriness, my camera seems to not have a stability mode, or maybe I just can't find it? ahhaha
Hope you like my comedy moustache ring !!

  • Black t-shirt, Topshop
  • Black leggings, New Look
  • Gold peace necklace, Claires
  • Moustache ring, eBay
  • Eye ring, Topshop
  • Cross bracelet, ASOS

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Fairest of them all

Today was a great day as I went into town with my beautiful mummy and I took her to buy her first pair of leggings (something I could not live without) and I would like to say she rather likes them now too !
Didn't buy anything whilst out shopping though I did spy a lipstick I may treat myself too tomorrow.

  • Cream grandad sleeve top, Topshop
  • Denim high-waisted shorts, Levis
  • Black tights, Primark
  • Skull scarf, Primark
  • Leather jacket, Topshop
  • Fairest of them all necklace, Disney Couture

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Sleek Pout Polish in Peach Perfection

Sleek is a recent new-found love of mine, especially the brow kit which I now swear by for my everyday as well as evening make up, it is just flawless!!
I recently purchased the pout polish as I had heard many things about it from youtube gurus and other blogs I read so thought I would go ahead and buy one myself.

The colour I went for is Peach Perfection 964 and the first thing that I love about this is the size, the wideness ensures that you can proper get your finger into the pot unlike little pots of lip balm such as Carmex or the Body Shop.

As with any lip balm type product, this has a gorgeous vanilla scent which makes me just want to eat it up it smells so good !
The packaging is also well-built as the lid fastens on beautifully with no chance of it coming undone in your make-up bag, which I loooove !

The consistency of the product is smooth and it glides onto the lips easily giving a sheer tint of colour, which is great for when you don't want your lips to look too overdone!
This product is great for conditioning the lips as well as making them look gorgeous!
At £4.95 I would highly recommend this product as it will last a long time due to the little amount you need to get coverage, if you're looking for a more pigmented product however this is not for you.
And I tend to get about 1-2 hours wear out of this before I need to reapply, especially in this cold weather when my lips are a little dryer than usual.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Fur Coats for Winter Weather

  • Great Lash mascara, Maybelline
  • Bare lipstick - Shade 14, MUA

  • White/Gold watch, River Island
  • Red Arty ring, eBay

  • Leopard print fur coat with pom poms, Topshop
  • Bisous tee, Topshop
  • High waisted denim shorts, Levis
  • Purple tights, Marks and Spencers
  • D&G cashmere cardigan, Charity shop in Chelsea
  • Gold studded suede boots, Dorothy Perkins

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Red bottoms and lipsticks (as per)

Hey everyone, so just a couple of updates really with a couple of OOTD's and some new make-up!!

Today, i've been freezing and so I chose to wear my favouritist cardigan.
Also, as you will notice in my outfits I am loving coloured bottoms atm, just jazzes outfits up!
Please excuse my leopard print socks in this outfit, I was actually wearing my docs, but had just taken them off !
  • Cardigan, Marks & Spencers
  • Pacha vest, Ibiza
  • Wine leggings,
  • Necklace, Marc Jacobs
  • Socks, Tesco

Took a trip to superdrug and as a personal fan of cheap make-up I was very excited to see the new MUA lipsticks, and decided to treat myself to a couple.
The colours which I have here are Nectar - Shade 16 and Bare - Shade 14.
MUA lipsticks smell gorgeous and although these two are a bit more glossy than I would prefer they still stay on for quite a while considering they are only £1!!

Me wearing Nectar above (I am wearing it over Barry M 101 - Marshmallow which is why it doesn't look too orange). Love it loads.
Also got a couple of new Rimmel lipsticks as I couldn't resist, these are lasting fix and as seen are gorgeous natural colours which would go with any outfit or make-up look.

Another outfit from the other day !!

  • Black tee, Topshop
  • Red jeans, New Look
  • Studded loafers, eBay
  • Peacock necklace, eBay
  • Ring, Hedkandi
  • Nail Varnish - Mushroom, Barry M
Hope to post again to you soon now I have found my rechargeable batteries!!