Thursday, 2 February 2012

Been ultra busy, so here's some film reviews/Pixiwoo

Hey guys, sorry I have been ultra busy with uni and assignments and I've finally started back at the gym again !!
I haven't got any pictures to update any outfits or make-up I have bought so I thought instead I'd give a couple of reviews of films I've recently seen, not that this will interest any of you, but it's better than me being silent right?

A Dangerous Method I personally only watched this film because Keira Knightley is in it, and I love her to pieces however the fact it was about Sigmund Freud, someone I study at university also made it something of interest to me. Now, I did like the film, however I felt for someone like me (who is quite submissive when it comes to watching films) it needed attention paid to it to fully understand the story. It was a good film though and if you are interested in real life events/psychology or kinda the curiosity of things I'd defo give it a watch !

The Descendents This film is a tear-jerker, my friend has seen it too and she was crying all the way through. George Clooney is really great as the husband in the film, however I do feel the storyline is a bit unfixed throughout the film, cause in all honesty not much happens over the 2 hours. However, if you love a sad film and fancy a bit of a cry I would definitely recommend. I did enjoy the film but it's not something I think I'll ever watch again.

I've also recently become obsessed with watching make-up videos and have fallen increasingly in love with pixiwoo, they are the most fun and possibly one of the best tutorial guides for make-up I have ever come across.
I particulary adore this Mary-Kate and Ashley inspired look, as I love a brown smoky eye !!

Hope to post some pictures soon, peace out xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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