Wednesday, 22 February 2012

MUA Nail Polish Shade 24 Review

The other day I decided there was a colour I did not own in my ever-growing nail collection, and that colour was a lilac.
Now I have always wanted Berry Ice Cream from Barry M, but I only buy Barry M when it's on 2 for £5 and I don't currently have £5 to spend on a couple of nail varnishs so I decided to have a look into my favourite cheap brand of MUA.
As a brand where most products are £1, if it's rubbish quality, well it was only a pound is my thinking.

So I went to Superdrug and found the colour I was looking for, Shade 24, a lovely lilac looking polish.
The colour is absolutely gorgeous, and so far I have only been wearing it since yesterday but I have been out last night (drinking, oops) and usually any nail polish I wear chips but this one has stayed completely intact so the wear (so far) seems pretty good !

The only complaint I would make it the consistency of the product, when applying I found it hard to get a good amount of polish onto the brush and it went on quite sticky and I didn't find it easy to spread across the nail, however, I may have just got a bad bottle who knows?

Overall, for £1 I think this is a pretty good nail varnish, the first of MUA I have had and I am not disappointed!
What do you think? Would you recommend any other shades?

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