Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Sleek Pout Polish in Peach Perfection

Sleek is a recent new-found love of mine, especially the brow kit which I now swear by for my everyday as well as evening make up, it is just flawless!!
I recently purchased the pout polish as I had heard many things about it from youtube gurus and other blogs I read so thought I would go ahead and buy one myself.

The colour I went for is Peach Perfection 964 and the first thing that I love about this is the size, the wideness ensures that you can proper get your finger into the pot unlike little pots of lip balm such as Carmex or the Body Shop.

As with any lip balm type product, this has a gorgeous vanilla scent which makes me just want to eat it up it smells so good !
The packaging is also well-built as the lid fastens on beautifully with no chance of it coming undone in your make-up bag, which I loooove !

The consistency of the product is smooth and it glides onto the lips easily giving a sheer tint of colour, which is great for when you don't want your lips to look too overdone!
This product is great for conditioning the lips as well as making them look gorgeous!
At £4.95 I would highly recommend this product as it will last a long time due to the little amount you need to get coverage, if you're looking for a more pigmented product however this is not for you.
And I tend to get about 1-2 hours wear out of this before I need to reapply, especially in this cold weather when my lips are a little dryer than usual.


  1. Ive wanted to try this for a while.

    i followed great blog. follow back?


    1. It's a personal fav of mine, especially because of the smell! I would definitely want to try some of the other pout polish's from the collection now.
      Followed back x