Thursday, 5 January 2012

It's all about half-moon nails and knee-high socks

Hello there !

So I've been a busy bee, I've had 3 essays to complete, a book to read (The Castle of Otranto, if you were wondering) and revision to do for my exam on Monday!

However, there is ALWAYS time to paint my nails, as nails are my favourite thing ever, I can't remember the last time they actually didn't have nail polish on them!!

I recently watched a couple of tutorials on half-moon nails which I have ALWAYS wanted to be able to do ever since I saw them on the WAH nails site, and I gave it a go but don't have the right equipment yet, gonna get it this week when I'm back in Liverpool, and then I'll maybe do a tutorial if any of you are interested? Let me know!

Anywayy, I had to use nail tip markers instead of hole reinforcements, and this is the result I got !

Are we lovin'??
I used Barry M Raspberry and Foil Effects in Gold.

I also have been browsing blogs, and was inspired by 'Native Fox' and her use of knee-high socks, so when I was in Tesco the other day I decided to try them out for myself and bought some !

This is my OOTD trying to incorporate them !!
P.s. I am very much aware one sock is higher than the other, hahaha silly me !

  • Cardigan, Marks & Spencers
  • Top, Topshop
  • Shorts, Levi Strauss (from eBay)
  • Knee-high socks, Tesco
  • Gold studded suede boots, Dorothy Perkins
  • Necklace, Asos
  • Ring, New Look
  • Bag, New Look (by the drawers)
Gorgeous ring I bought from New Look last year, love the colour !!
I was also wearing this necklace, you couldn't see it on the picture before, it's gorgeous with a black tassel and is from Muse !

Hope you're all having a lovely day !xxx


  1. Perfection! You are pretty fantastic!!! I really like your unique point of view. Great post and BRILLIANT blog! :-)

    1. Thank you so much, just saw this and I have got to say it really made me smile.
      Just checked your blog, such gorgeous bags on there, and think I just fell in love with the watch made from wood ! wow xx