Tuesday, 17 January 2012

U.N.I OOTD and my new favourite make-up products !

Heyy, been ultra busy recently with essays and exams, but now I have plenty of free time to do whatever I wish, so here I am doing a blog post.

Ill start with some fabulous things I have bought recently, in the form of make-up of course !!
I bought the Sleek brow kit I have been after for months and finally got round to buying it, I bought it in the Light #817 and don't think i'll ever go back to just using my Rimmel pencil.
The wax and powder combination means it stays on all day and gives such a clean neat look to my eyebrows, simply in love and at £7.99 who can blame me!
I also looked at the other products from Sleek, seen as they are rather cheap for such good quality items, and this tinted lip conditioner caught my eye. It is called Pout Polish and it contains SPF which is fab, and it comes in the most gorgeous of colours, I was in a toss-up between the Powder Pink, Raspberry Rhapsody and Peach Perfection.
After much umming and aarring I went for the peach and I again am in love, it gives just enough coverage for a slight colour to the lips ! Gorgeous and it's such a big tub for less than £5 I was well impressed.
After looking around all the different make-up sections I decided I wanted to treat myself to a new lipstick (I am a bit lipstick mental at the moment) and was more than happy when I found this lipstick which is my new fave of all time. Bubblegum number 6 of Collection 2000 is my favourite pink lipstick EVER. I don't think I will ever not own it, especially cause it's only £2.99 and stays on for so long, I was so shocked when it stayed on for nearly the whole day of uni I had 10-4 !! This is me trying to show you the colour but I am only using a silly webcam, so I apologise for the crap quality.

In terms of my outfit today I was wearing;
  • Red checkered shirt, Topshop
  • Black leggings, New Look
  • Skull scarf, Primark
  • Denim jacket with fur lining, Topshop
  • Peace bracelet, Topshop
  • Jesus bracelet, Ibiza
  • String beaded bracelet, from my daddy from Hong Kong
  • Skull ring, Primark
  • Red studded diamond earrings, Avon
  • Curved gold earstud, eBay

As you can see I tossed my hair up into a topknot because I had to get ready in 20mins this morning, which was crazy I actually managed it, and in case you were wondering my nail varnish is Barry M in Blue Moon, gorgeous gorgeous colour !!

Hope you have a lovely day chickens xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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