Monday, 2 April 2012

Swedish Girl Hair

Sorry for not posting as of recent but I have been ultra busy finishing all my essays for my second year of uni and now they are all done yay !!
Can't believe I am nearly a third year student, it's so scary.
And with only 2 exams to go at the end of this month I have plenty of time to catch up on blogging, yay for you !!

So I was inspired by Nicole Richie, my favourite fashionista and her GORGEOUS hair,

Now unfortunately I am not blessed with thick long hair, so I had to adjust this style so it would actually suit me.
I tried to make the back pretty but it simply didn't work, boo hoo !

So anyway, what I did to achieve my look was split my hair first of all into two sections, dividing it symmetrically down the back of my head from my parting.

Next I took a thin comb and split my hair from the top of my ear upwards at a slight angle to get the hair that would come before the wrap around plaits, and I did this on both sides of my head. Then I tied this up so it would not get in the way.

The final two sections left at the bottom I put into plaits which made me look very much like Lolita haha, and tied these with little rubber bands which are £1 for a pack of about 100 from Primark.

After doing this I let my two front sections down and brought the plaits up to make a sort of headband and secured with bobby pins, when securing I tried to hide the rubber bands (unfortunately mine were white and very noticeable) underneath the opposite plait.
And ta-daaaaa !

P.S. Starting up my jewellery line again VERY VERY soon, just waiting for all my crafts to come so I can begin hand-making some beauties again, so keep your eyes peeled :)


  1. Loving your swedish girl hair for summer! Need some of that in my life. Love Nicole Richie's hair!

    1. I know it's amazing, she just always manages to get it right !! xx