Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Christmas Sales Haul !!!

I got so much stuff, and so cheapppp !!
This is not only items I got from my shopping trip with Momma Pea, but also some bargins/items i've purchased from the internet !!

We'll start with the shopping trip, first of all I bought some new bras from La Senza, my fave lingerie shop everrr !!! All the bras were £10 or under !!

I then went to Miss Selfridge and got myself a gorgeous plain dress, £10! and some gorgeous peace hoop earrings, loving them for only £2 reduced from £6.50!
I also got a cardigan from MARKS&SPENCERS, this is somewhere I would never usually shop but it just caught my eye, and I'm so glad it did, it's gorgeous !! £39.
Here's a link because the picture won't copy ! Cardigan <----

My favourite things were from Muse, a jewellry shop where I found gorgeous bargins !!
I bought 3 bracelets and a ring for less than £10 !!
They don't have a website so I will have to try my best to explain what I bought,
2 bracelets were studded metal, one gold and one silver, they are one band and look similar to this one !

As well as this I bought a cute skinny gold metal bracelet with has a black tassle on it, with a peace sign and a tag gold piece that says 'peace'.
The ring I got is so gorgeous !! It's this ring below, but not in the fancy metal on the picture, just plain gold !
As well as that, I got some Palmers Natural Bronze tan from Boots, £5.39!
I won't post a picture of that though, cause that's just boring !

Things I have bought off the internet are also AHMAAAZIIING.
I started a couple of days ago deciding I wanted a new going out dress, so skipped onto motel and bought myself this gorgeous plain black dress with a gorgeous peacock blue cage detailing at the back £17, I also couldn't resist this silver fox nail varnish from models own £5!!

After this I went crazy on Asos and bought a cute cross bracelet, £5. A cross ring (think i'm obssessed) £4 and a gorgeous long pendant coral stone necklace £4!
ASOS Anodised Cross Bracelet ASOS Plain Band Ring with Mixed Metal Cross ASOS Extra Long necklace with Semi-Precious Coral charm pendant

And today, I went onto and bought myself some other treats!
In the form of wine coloured leggings, £5.99. A lion long vest, £9.99 and a skull jumper to wear when i'm slacking around for only £3.25 !!
Hyla Cropped Skull Sweatshirt In Mocha
Marena Animal Printed Vest Top

This is everything I have bought from the sales/with my christmas money !!!
I hope you love this !!!

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